Fly & Climb PLUS

July 2021

€ 600

There are few places in Europe with such a strong atmosphere and dramatic nature as summer Lofoten. A tangle of islands, where steep mountains grow directly from the sea, bathed in the never-setting sun. Those who like mountains, sea and silence will feel like in paradise. Anyone who likes to add bouldering into the mix, will be completely thrilled. This adventure offers a mixture of exploratory tourism, full of beautiful views and magical nooks, without the masses of holidaymakers and a perfect bouldering game on quality Nordic granite.


Provisional program:

Day 1: The adventure begins with an arrival in the mainland town of Bodø and an introductory midnight bouldering on the beach.

Day 2: Ferry ride to Lofoten and hiking around the town of Reine

Day 3: Moving and hiking to the beach Kvalvika, bouldering and sleeping on the beach

Day 4: Bouldering day at Kvalvike and hiking to the minibus

Day 5: Visit to the fishing village of Nusfjord and bouldering on the island of Flakstadøya

Day 6: Hiking over Uttakleiv Bay

Day 7: Bouldering on Uttakleiv beach

Day 8: Lofotr - Viking Museum

Day 9: Hiking and bouldering on the northeast side of the island and Vestvagøy

Day 10: Hiking on the island of Gimsøy

Day 11: Rest day at Henningsvær

Day 12: Bouldering and hiking around Henningsvær

Day 13: Hiking on Austvagøy island, transfer and ferry to Bodø

Day 14: Departure


Climbing and hiking:
Bouldering on Lofoten is a very pleasant and varied affair, the granite is fine and, depending on the area, offers a very wide range of boulders, from slabs to overhangs and from light to proper dards. Boulders are mostly scattered near the sea, but the rock is still dry and salt-free



  • Pick-up at Bodø airport and transfer back to the airport

  • ferries

  • Transport in Lofoten

  • Accommodation in camps (if we sleep in a camp)

  • Tent, mat and camping and dinning gear

  • Breakfasts and dinners

  • Crashpads

  • Climbing assistance and support


What you need to arrange yourself:

  • Return ticket to Bodø

  • Insurance

  • Meals for the day (energy bars, nuts, fruit ...) - we will buy there


What to bring:

  • You will only need your own climbing shoes and a chalk bag

  • Sleeping bag

  • Clothes and footwear for climbing and hiking

  • Personal belongings

  • Good mood


Maximum number of participants: 6



Condition for participation:

  • Adequate physical condition - hikes last from 2 to 8 hours and are often very steep

  • Level on boulders at least 5A Fb (V1 US)