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Take your climbing to a new level!

The registration deadline is 14 days before the starting date

€ 520


What is a + Level UP?

+ Level UP is a unique combination of the atmosphere of CLIMBINGBUS trips and the high added value of Tomaso's workshops. It is a week full of climbing and everything else you need to be able to improve on in it. From morning yoga, through daily lessons and coaching on the rocks to evening physio regeneration and compensation. 

Why + Level UP in Fontainebleau?

Fontainebleau is a unique place for many things. In addition to the direct endemic rock, which is fine gray sandstone and the environment in which boulders of various shapes and sizes are scattered, it is also unique in the variety of holds and climbing movements that it offers. It is this diversity that makes this place's grading seem tough for newcomers - whether they are beginners or old climbing fighters. The local classics do not forgive any gaps in technique. And it is this technique that we will deal with throughout the week and improve on in from day to day. Even with a playful approach, a lot of experience will stick to the climber here, with a targeted approach and under the right guidance, the week will take you one level higher here. You lose strength quickly, but the technique, will stay with you for good ...

Who is + Level UP for?

You can't have enough technique. Maybe you are already climbing hard elsewhere with a rope or on boulders, but the subtle nuances of the Bleau sandstone classics will try you comprehensively. If you are just a beginner, do not despair, because just such an intro will give you a rocket start to climbing. We will work according to those registered in up to 3 groups - 3 + 4; 5 + 6 and 7 + 8. Some blocks will be common, others tailored to the given performance group. The advantage of Fontainebleau is the high concentration of boulders of all these difficulties close to each other.

Program of + Level UP

Each day except travel will be divided into several blocks. Morning block, climbing block I-III, physio block and evening block.

  • The morning block consists of a short jog through the picturesque village and energizing yoga in the Boulderbase garden and a presentation of the theme of the day - "Level" for the day

  • Climbing block I has the task of preparing us for the climbing challenges of the day, it is such a climbing warm-up and at the same time we will start and explain the current Level in it.

  • Climbing block II will be the longest part of the day, when we will fully focus on the topic intended for the day, we will apply it in boulders that are close to the current maximum performance. In this block we will work divided into performance groups, each group for a while with coaching, for a while separately.

  • Climbing block III is to anchor the theme of the day - closing the Level and developing it into other cases and examples on boulders. It is at the same time a kind of climbing  compensation of the previous climbing itself. This block will always contain the Challenge of the day - the personification of a given level in a not difficult but intricate boulder or movement.

  • The physio block led by fysioherapist will be active as well as passive regeneration and compensation - through exercises that you can follow up on and continue even after returning home

  • The evening block will be the end of the day, whether you are still interested in a discussion on the current Level, showing photos of climbing wanderings around the world, or just relaxing with a movie, a board game, or talking over a glass of wine.

+ Level UP topics

Saturdays are travel days and their regime will depend on arrivals and departures, the remaining 6 days will be 6 Levels, they will be combined so that it is not necessary to have a rest day and that a little different body parts are involved every day:

  1. Level - “Maître des dalles” - we start with what is so unique in Bleau - slabs, the alpha and the omega in climbing - the ability to stand on any small smear, and to use it effectively, be it a small sharp step, a gentle wave or a hole.

  2. Level - “Roi de Plat” - Another strength of the area and a weakness of most climbers are the slopers. Since they Beau is blessed with slopers, we will learn how to deal with them.

  3. Level - “Circuits de la Forêt” - to be climbing in Bleau and not climb a whole circuit is like buying a piano and playing only one song with it. Many circuits have a comprehensive range of climbing movements and being able to climb an entire circuit in one day is a great performance in itself. It's a kind of a test of the previous two levels and preparation for those to come.

  4. Level - “Cirque de Sable” - Bouldering, but in fact any climbing, contains a hill of circus movements and elements. Especially the dynamic ones. Learning to use dynamics properly, but also balance, must be included in a repertoire of any climber and after the fourth level, perhaps it will.

  5. Level - “Bête des réglettes” - If you think there are no crimps on the fine sand, you are very wrong. The art of holding the crimps, whether a thin sharp ones with a lock or a sloping ones with an open grip, can be mastered in Fontainebleau as well.

  6. Level - “Danser sur l´Arete” - The aretes can also cause a lot of problems when climbing and it doesn't matter if they are vertical, where you get barn-door, or horizontall through which you need to get through and where the heel is your best friend. Many aretes are only virtual in climbing, but the same rules apply. By mastering the last level, you are ready to move your climbing up one level and anywhere else.


What is and is not included in the price + Level UP?

Similar to the Fly & Climb format, the price includes:

  • Airport pick-up

  • Transport in areas

  • Crashpads and chalk

  • Accommodation

  • Cooked dinners

In addition to the F&C standard, the + Level UP course also includes:

  • Breakfast

  • Wine for dinner

  • All-day climbing program, coaching and physiotherapy

  • Climbing gift

The price does NOT include:

  • Return ticket to CDG or Orly

  • insurance

  • Surcharge € 15 for pick-up from Paris-Beauvais Airport

  • Food and alcohol beyond half board

  • Admission to the gym in case of bad weather.