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+ Level UP is a unique combination of the atmosphere of CLIMBINGBUS trips and the practical contribution of Tomaso's workshops. It is a week full of climbing and everything else you need to be able to improve on in it. From morning yoga, through daily lessons and coaching on the rocks to evening physio regeneration and compensation.


+ Level UP is an active holiday with high added value of skills and experience, from which you will benefit for a very long time. In addition to practical skills, you will leave with a lot of inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and meet new interesting people.


+ Level UP is designed for all performance categories, because even experienced and long-term climbers should occasionally return to the basics and adjust them so that they can develop further. For beginner climbers, + Level UP is an irreplaceable "boost" for faster improvement and the right solid foundation.


+ Level UP motivates you to become a better climber and not just a stronger climber. Because even if you fall out of climbing for a while and weaken, no one will take the learned skills from you and you will get into them quickly.


Yes, it can be improved in a week, even significantly - especially if we are talking about feet technique and more effective climbing. During the busy week, we will focus mainly on breaking down the barriers that prevent you from improving and we will teach you many different tricks and exercises that will be a shortcut to your improvement. In addition, improving through the acquisition of new skills, techniques and movements is also very effective, as the acquired skills remain significantly longer than trained strength and endurance.

First of all, you will learn to trust your feet. We will teach you how to stand properly even on small steps and on bare slabs, and we will break that notorious vicious circle together: I don't believe my feet, so I don't push - I don't push so they slip - they slip, so I don't trust them. If you know how to stand properly, we can start moving and adding hands to the equation, which often have a special role when climbing in Fontainebleau. The goal of the whole week is to tie your hands and feet with one another as much as possible so that they can support each other effectively - a skill that is essential and, above all, universal for any climbing. You can read more about  + Level UP Fontainebleau here ...


How difficult routes I can climb on rocks with a rope is in most cases influenced by more factors than just the actual physical performance. As with boulders, we will focus primarily on the feet and legs, because they can lighten the load for arms and save a lot of strength. Another important factor is fear, and the way to break it down is through increasing self-confidence, which is based on the quality of feet and hands control. The goal of the whole week is to make you a more skilled and a more confident climber, so that you learn to make full use of your current potential and can further build on it and develop it with conventional training. More about + Level UP! Leonio and Tenerife soon!