600€/ 2 WEEKS
850€/ 3 WEEKS


330€/ week



Fontainebleau is a small town near Paris because of the beautiful Renaissance hunting palace and the seat of several French monarchs. For climbers, however, it is a term that includes an area of ​​several large forests in its vicinity, which are full of beautiful sandstone boulders. These are places with more than a hundred years of bouldering tradition and offer perhaps the highest quality and most versatile bouldering in the world.


Provisional program:

Day 1: Arrival in Paris and accommodation in Boulderbase

Day 2: bouldering

Day 3: More bouldering

Day 4: Even more bouldering

Day 5: Bouldering for the Indestructible / A trip for culture for the rest

Day 6: Skinless bouldering

Day 7: Guess what? bouldering!

Day 8: Morning bouldering for the insatiable and departure from Paris


Climbing and culture:
Bouldering in Fontainebleau is something that every climber should go through at least once in his life. Climbing the fine sand there is very specific and offers an endless range of climbing movements. Everyone will get their money's worth - a technician and a strong man, and a large number of boulders, even on low difficulties, guarantees that really everyone will crawl.


The whole region is full of picturesque villages, castles, museums and galleries, so who would like to have a culture-rich rest day can be combined really colorful.



Transport from and to the airport

Transport by sectors

Accommodation in

Dinner á la Tomaso

Boulder mats

Accompanying by sector

Climbing assistance and instruction


What you need to arrange yourself:

Return ticket to Paris (Austrian / Air France / Wizzair from Vienna, Ryanair from Bratislava from November)


Diet for the day (sticks, nuts, fruit ...) - we will buy there

Self-catering breakfast


What to bring:

From the climbing material you will only need your own climbers and a matjo bag

Clothes and footwear for climbing and nature

Personal belongings

Good mood


Maximum number of entries: 8



Condition for participation:

Any performance :)