Climbingbus = Climbing b' us


The Climbing Bus project arose quite spontaneously from the greatest tragedy for climbers. You may know it - you have time and you're not even completely broke, you want to get out and climb somewhere, but you can´t find a climbing partner. If it is just an afternoon run to a local crag outside the city, usually you´re able to snare someone. But when it comes to a week, 1000km from home, that's another matter completely. When I bought my first van, it was often filled with climbers who didn't want to look for partners, didn't have their own car, or didn't want to drive it, or had a lot of other reasons. Gradually, people got used to the fact that when they got in the car with me, they didn't have to deal with anything. So the only question that remained was, "How much will the trip cost me?"


But the Climbing Bus is a project that is still evolving. Over time, rookie climbers began to fill the seats, and trips with the Climbing Bus were often their first contact not only with the rock, but also with the climbing lifestyle - and it is really contagious. By all means, you can be infected by climbing in a local gym or crag near your city, but in the destinations where we go, there is no escape from being fully involved in the sweet climbing life. The mission was gradually supplemented by the upgrade of Hommo Plasticus to Hommo Rockus. Will you join us too?


Tomaso Greksák


Tomaso Greksák

Founder and Director, Coach, Routesetter  & Climbing Instructor

Leading boulderer and bouldering leader. "He was everywhere, he saw everything". Master of improvisation and promoter of creative training.


Ivo  Capko

Climbing Instructor and Trip Guide

Ageless "Rock Daddy" and the socializing element of every trip. An endless experimenter and a literally taken bohemian.

Miška Izakovičová

Sport Climbing and Multipitch Climbing Trips Specialist

Rock rose among the thorns. Yosemite mouse with the widest smile. She do the work for two and has experience of three.

Walter Goller

Coach & Climbing Instructor

Tenerife All-year Climbing Founder

Tenerife tornado of humanity and cordiality. Dude with a view and an overview, not only when climbing. Great coach and instructor. Multilingual and "multifather".